Friday, June 12, 2009

Cool Superman Movie Expose: KEVIN SMITH

For all you Comix fans out there, here's KEVIN SMITH doing a hilarious and scathing critique of Hollywood foolishness regarding Superman movies.

The backstory is that in the 1990's Superman was a hot property because he had 'died' in the comics. 'Batman' films producer Jon Peters wanted to milk this mania. Despite themselves, Warner Brothers lucked into getting Kevin as a scriptwriter, who's love and knowledge of comics is deep.

It was a disaster of creativity meeting the clueless. Kevin's rap about it at this convention appearance is a stand-up routine easily as funny and biting as his films.

Kevin Smith talks about "Superman Lives"


'​Ironic-​postscript,​ dept'.:

-Tim Burton came in, threw away the script, cast Nicolas Cage, and insisted the costume be all black (?!).
-WB ended up losing around 50 Million dollars paying various directors and stars who were never used, based on dumb contract deals.
-Bryan Singer finally came in and forced the vision back on track with the majesterial "Superman Returns".
-"Superman Returns" actually made more money than "Batman Begins", the other brilliant reboot. Since "Dark Knight" was then propelled to insane profits by that launch, you would think WB would let Singer make them a lot more money.
-Current WB head Jeff Robinov misread the sucess of "Dark Knight" as being a cue to make Superman 'darker'. He ditched Singer, has no Supersequel this year, and had to delay "Harry Potter" six extra months just to have any summer blockbuster at all.

Note to Jeff: you don't make Superman darker, you make the villains tougher. Like Brainiac, or General Zod. Earn our money, idiot, and bring back Bryan Singer.

Like Kevin says, "In Hollywood you just kind of fail upwards."

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