Wednesday, August 22, 2012

STARSTRUCK: As Essential As WATCHMEN, And More Fun!

The STARSTRUCK Deluxe Edition,
hardcover and softcover printings.

This is the most essential Graphic Novel you've never read.

Blasting off first in the early '80s, STARSTRUCK was easily as good as WATCHMEN, SANDMAN, DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, and the other Adult Renaissance titles.

In truth, it was better, because it was more ambitious, subversive, and funnier. And it did it before all of them.>

STARSTRUCK wasn't for teenage boys. It was for sharp adults with a sense of wonder. And it was for Riot Grrrls who were too young to know about it yet. It took its cues from Robert Altman dialogue, Winsor McCay and Moebius' art, and the PostPunk era of Feminism.>

Let's face it, those '80s classics were great, but too locked into teen fantasies of aggro-men, which was a grim deadend. So this riotous space opera with a spectrum of powerful women completely blew fanboys' volts then.

Macho angst had its minute, but now we can catch up to the real revolution.

What is it?

STARSTRUCK is Riot Grrrls taking over the universe by hook and crook. In an anarchic future, two dynasties vie to divvy the universal pie. Caught between are Galatia 9, Brucilla The Muscle, Erotica Ann, and the strongest and most diverse array of women (read, human) that Science Fiction has never seen. Throw in psychic nuns, corrupt Girl Scouts, hardboiled bartenders, headless sex droids, amazon clones, and samurai robots.

It is complex, shocking, outlandish, surreal, whipsmart, knee-slapping, half-insane, and five steps ahead. It'll make your brain stretch and your belly shake.

But this is no retro time trip. STARSTRUCK is still light years ahead of anything being made, whether in comics, in novels, or on screens.

The series was rich then, but richer now. This stunningly handsome volume is an all-new remastering of the stories that elevates it even higher. Elaine Lee has expanded the hilarious Glossary, Michael Wm Kaluta has extended the art height on every page by 20%, and Lee Moyer has repainted it with the most lush color job imaginable.

Add to this the previously unpublished Galactic Girl Guides romps, the geyser of extra goodies, and the extra-tall size of the hardcover book...and you have a gorgeous Graphic Novel that puts all others to complete shame. The book is beautiful, and the contents are unbeatable.

Fans of STAR WARS, FIREFLY, FARSCAPE, Alan Moore, AEON FLUX, Grant Morrison, HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE, Allison Bechdel, MONTY PYTHON, Phillip K. Dick, TANK GIRL, Thomas Pynchon, FUTURAMA, LOST, Funkadelic, BATWOMAN, DOCTOR WHO...this treasure trove is for you.

This is smart art for hip people.

Buy STARSTRUCK now, and give copies to friends; the future is better than ever!

© Tym Stevens

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