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The Real History of Rock and Soul!: A Music Player Checklist

Learn and hear the full history of Rock and Soul with over 150 music players!

This Blog is relaunching with the actual history of Rock.

Each week, see and hear everything they never tell you or play for you!

Hear music players that will totally redefine and expand every style of music!

The Manifesto
The Checklist

The Manifesto:

Each week, RockSex will post essays with music players of every music genre, to rattle brains and shake asses.

Conventional views of Rock history are limited and divisive. The mature view is holistic and inclusive.

Here are the basic new rules.

Little Richard, Alis Lesley, Eddie Cochran

- This history playlist party includes everyone with no divisions, no exclusion, no borders, and no limits.

Booker T and The MGs

- Any Either/Or gets shown the door...
there's only And/Also, compadre.

Prince and The Revolution

- It's nope again to outmoded separatists, absolutists, or frozen traditions.

Tribe 8

- Because culture is not static or owned... it is fluid and honed.
True creativity is hybrid, and everyone brings something new to it, continuously.

There's an entire world of great unheralded music to explore.

Tune in each week to RockSex to read and hear the true history of Rock'n'Soul!

The Checklist:

✭ As each Playlist overview debuts weekly, the link will appear next to the > arrow. ✭

Each music player will be exhaustive and all-inclusive. Each will be in chronological order for progression and context. Each genre will include tons of unexpected guests who belong in that party.

Surprises, rarities, and revelations galore!


101 great songs from 101 great albums, for each decade! (7 music players)

300 Song Overview:
>300 GREAT ALBUMS That Will Change Your Life!: 1956-2015

>MUSIC 101: The 1950s
>MUSIC 101: The 1960s
>MUSIC 101: The 1970s
>MUSIC 101: The 1980s
>MUSIC 101: The 1990s
>MUSIC 101: The 2000s


1950s Rock'n'Roll
The radically diverse universe of Fifties rockin' musics (1 music player)
>Revolution 1950s: The Big Damn Bang of Rock'n'Roll!

1950s Punk and Sex
The rawest, raunchiest Fifties songs that predated Punk (1 music player)
>1950s PUNK: Sex, Thugs, and Rock'n'Roll!

Chuck Berry
Bo Diddley
Buddy Holly
Little Richard
Jimmy Reed
A music player for each artist, and a second for all of their disciples up to today (10 music players)
>Chuck Berry
>Bo Diddley
>Buddy Holly
>Little Richard
>Jimmy Reed

1950s Rock'n'Roll Disciples
The torchbearers of Fifties rock in each separate decade to today (5 music players)
>1950s Rock, A: The '60s Disciples
>1950s Rock, B: The '70s Disciples
>1950s Rock, C: The '80s disciples‏
>1950s Rock, D: The '90s disciples‏
>1950s Rock, E: The 2000s disciples
>1950s Rock, F: The 2010s disciples

"Louie Louie"
"Peter Gunn"
"House of the Rising Sun"
The influence of each song from then to now (3 music players)
>The Legacy of LOUIE LOUIE
>The Pedigree of PETER GUNN

John Barry
His influential soundtrack music and his disciples (2 music players)
>JOHN BARRY: The Influence Of The JAMES BOND Sound On Pop Music

Surf Rock classics, and their impact on music across the years (2 music players)
>Shock Waves: How SURF MUSIC Saved Rock'n'Roll!

Brian Wilson
and The Beach Boys
The Boys' history and their acolytes (3 music players)
>BRIAN WILSON-esque: All The Songs Imitating His BEACH BOYS Music Styles!

Girl Groups
Girl Groups and their influence (2 music players)

>YOU DON'T OWN ME: The Uprising of the 1960s GIRL GROUPS (#1 of 2)
>SHE'S A REBEL: Decades Of Songs Influenced By The GIRL GROUPS (#2 of 2)

The Women of Rock
A thorough herstory of the massive amount of women who shape Rock'n'Soul, from the 1950s to today (14 music players)
>WOMEN OF ROCK: The 1950s
>WOMEN OF ROCK: The 1960s

The Wrecking Crew
All the hits that the '60s session musicians played on (1 music player)

An overview of Motown Records and its disciples (4 music players)

An overview of Stax Records and its disciples (2 music players)

"You Can't Hurry Love"
"You Really Got Me"
"I Want To Take You Higher"
The influence of each song from then to now (4 music players)

British Invasion
The mid-'60s bands, the famous and the should've-been (1 music player)

An incomprehensibly large galaxy of Beatles-inspired music, both song-by-song and album-by-album (12 music players)

Imitators of their Beatles sounds and then their solo sounds (8 music players)

Rolling Stones-esque
Led Zeppelin-esque
The artists and their followers (6 music players)

Soul '60s
Soul music around the world (1 music player)

Country Soul
The deep overlap of Country and Soul music from the 1950s to 1970s (1 music player)

Garage Rock
Fuzzy nuggets and their origins (2 music players)

Girls In the Garage
All the women of Beat Music, Garage Rock, and Psychedelia, from the 1960s to today (2 music players)

Psychedelic music from 1966 to 1973 (2 music players)

Psychedelic Soul
Soul, Jazz, Funk, and HipHop musicians in Psychedelia, from the '60s to today (2 music players)

Nuggets 1970s-2010s
Beat Music, Garage Rock, and Psychedelic revivals from 1970 to now (5 music players)

Spaghetti Westerns
Italian Western soundtracks and their influence on popular music (3 music players)
>How SPAGHETTI WESTERNS Revolutionized Rock Music!

Ennio Morricone
Piero Umiliani
Luis Bacalov
Piero Piccioni
Bruno Nicolai
Alessandro Alessandroni
Edda Dell'Orso
The musicians behind the diverse '60s Italians soundtracks (7 music players)

Soul '70s
Soul from all angles (1 music player)

Funk 1960s-2010s
A deep history of Funk music from the '60s to today (15 music players)

James Brown-esque
Sly Stone-esque
Parliament Funkadelic-esque
Overviews of the artists, plus players of their sonic disciples (10 music players)
>SLICE TONES: Sly Stone & His Infinite Influence!

Glam Rock
Glam and its glommers (2 music players)

Prog Rock
The roots and evolution of Progressive Rock, Funk, Electronic, and Jazz, 1965-1980 (1 music player)

Hard Rock
Brutal chords from 1965 to 1980 (1 music player)

Punk roots
The origins of Punk from the '50s to 1975 (1 music player)

Punk '70s
Punk from around the world, 1975 through 1979 (1 music player)

Progressive music in the surge of Punk, 1976-1984 (1 music player)

New Wave
All variants of music lumped as New Wave from 1976-1984 (2 music players)

Power Pop
From its '60s origins to today (1 music player)

Mutant Disco
An alternative reality of experimental disco, 1974-1984 (1 music player)

Hip Hop
The history of Rap from 1978 through 1999 (2 music players)

Alternate Rap
A parallel history of rhythm and vocal poetics (1 music player)

Beastie Boy samples
All the samples in order for the "Paul's Boutique" album (1 music player)

Public Enemy samples
All the samples in order for the "It Takes A Nation" album (1 music player)

The 'Amen Break'
The myriad modern songs all built on a drum loop from The Winston's 1969 "Amen Brother" (1 music player)

Alternative '80s
The history of alternative musics from 1980 through 1989 (1 music player)

Alternative '90s
The history of alternative musics from 1990 through 1999 (1 music player)

The whole Grunge arc from 1986 to 1998+ (1 music player)

Riot Grrrl
A gloss on Revolution Girl Style Now (1 music player)

Twin Peaks
The soundtracks and influence of Lynch's "Twin Peaks" on music (5 music players)
>TWIN PEAKS: Its Influence on 20 Years of Film, TV, and Music!

Trip Hop
The roots and history of TripHop, 1962 to today (1 music player)

Soul: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s
The many faces of international Soul across the decades. (4 music players)

The history of Electronic Music and Pop, from the 1950s to now (3 music players)

Afro Punk
The next wave (1 music player)

All songs about superheroes, comics, and comic strips

Lonely Astronauts
Major Tom and fellow drifters
>Ground Control To Major Tom: The Lonely Astronaut Movies

The Canon 1
Songs influenced by famous speculative fiction books, 1700 -1940
>The Canon: 50 Books That Created Modern Pop Culture

The Canon 2
Songs influenced by famous speculative fiction books, 1940-1970
>The Canon 2: 50 More Books That Created Modern Pop Culture

The Canon 3
Songs influenced by famous speculative fiction books, 1960-2015

After this general overview of Rock'n'Soul, there will be a second wave.

The Origins:

Many musics influenced Rock'n'Roll. There will be music players for each music and the songs inspired by it.:

-Indian sitar


Culture is an ongoing party,
and everyone is invited!

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