Monday, August 10, 2009

ROCK Sex: All over, "Baby Blue"! - Gene Vincent > Bob Dylan > Badfinge > Beach Boys > Topley Bird

ROCK Sex says, 'it's all over the place, Baby Blue!'

We've seen how an act inspires another, or a song is reinterpreted by generations. But this time the relay baton is a song title. Here's the example of how many great songs have come from the title "Baby Blue".


Rockabilly hellcat GENE VINCENT smoothes us into that mood indigo with this classic:


And here's this vocal group doing a love serenade:

THE ECHOES -"Baby Blue" (1961)

Bob Dylan always liked the title of Gene Vincent's song and worked it into this evergreen diatribe. The song's lyrics and snarling edge are pure Punk in Folk form.:

BOB DYLAN -"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (1965)

Rock's most under-appreciated wizards Badfinger made this power pop classic:

BADFINGER -"Baby Blue" (1972)

In the finest tradition of The Beach Boys, The Raspberries, or 10cc, here's CHILLIWACK with another vocal beauty:

CHILLIWACK -"Baby Blue" (1976)

Not to be outdone, Dennis Wilson shines on this ethereal and unsung ballad recorded by The Beach Boys:

THE BEACH BOYS -"Baby Blue" (1979)

Here's a fine soulful song from Martina Topley Bird:

MARTINA TOPLEY BIRD -"Baby Blue" (2008)

Bringing us full circle, here's The White Stripes covering Gene Vincent's original:

THE WHITE STRIPES -"Baby Blue" (live, 2002)

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