Saturday, March 6, 2010

LADIES FIRST: 'Can't You Hear My Heartbeat?'

LADIES FIRST heralds classic songs that actually 'she did first'.

The first all-female rock band signed to a major record label was GOLDIE AND THE GINGERBREADS in the mid 60's. They held their own while touring with The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Yardbirds, The Hollies, and The Kinks. But they had an uphill struggle against both a sexist industry and radio stations that thought they sounded 'too black'.

They did the original version of "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat?", sounding fresh out of a Brill Building Soul recital.

GOLDIE AND THE GINGERBREADS -"Can't You Hear My Heartbeat?" (1965)

Their single went weakly promoted, while this cover version by HERMAN'S HERMITS escaped those hurdles.

HERMAN'S HERMITS -"Can't You Hear My Heartbeat?" (1965)

"Goldie" (Genya Zelkowitz), the singer and group leader, later became the feiry Rock'n'Soul singer GENYA RAVAN of Ten Wheel Drive, and producer of The Dead Boys' debut album.

Guitarist CAROL MACDONALD and drummer GINGER BIANCO went on to form the formidable all-female FunkRock collective ISIS.

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