Saturday, June 26, 2010

ROCK Sex: "You Love Her, Adapt Her"

PJ says, "Lick my decals off, baby!"

ROCK Sex relays another relay drop-off.

Today's song thread is "Dropout Boogie". Here's the original by CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, channeling Howlin' Wolf through Frank Zappa. (Tom Waits fans, take note.)

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & His Magic Band -"Dropout Boogie" (1967)

Captain Beefheart was so extreme as to be record industry poison, a cult status that made him that much more cool. Here's EDGAR BROUGHTON braving an excellent cover version...

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND -"Dropout Boogie" (1969)

Here's PJ HARVEY doing a subtle sequel to the song, flipping the perspective; after the slow build-up it becomes apparent in the rhythm and similar lines like "I love her, I kept her"...

PJ HARVEY -"I Think I'm A Mother" (1995)

Lately here's THE KILLS with a cover they do often in concert. Music fans may also know singer Alison Mosshart from her other band with Jack White, THE DEAD WEATHER.

THE KILLS -"Dropout Boogie" (live, 2002?)

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