Saturday, June 26, 2010

ROCK Sex: "Dropout Boogie" - Capt. Beefheart > PJ Harvey > The Kills

PJ says, "Lick my decals off, baby!"

ROCK Sex relays another relay drop-off.

Today's song thread is "Dropout Boogie".


"You told her you love her so bring her to mother
You love her adapt her, you love her adapt her"

The song takes its fuzzy riff from this Garage Rock classic.

THE KINKS -"You Really Got Me" (1964)

And here's how the manic Captain Beefeheart rechanneled it through Howlin' Wolf and Frank Zappa, with Ry Cooder slashing on guitar.

(Tom Waits fans, take note.)

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART And His Magic Band -"Dropout Boogie" (1967)

Captain Beefheart was so extreme as to be record industry poison, a cult status that made him that much more cool. Perversely, here's an English acolyte braving an excellent cover version.

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND -"Dropout Boogie" (1969)

Here's PJ HARVEY doing a subtle sequel to the song, flipping the perspective; after the slow build-up it becomes apparent in the rhythm and similar lyric lines like "I love her, I kept her".

PJ HARVEY -"I Think I'm A Mother" (1995)

Lately here's The Kills with a cover they do often in concert. Music fans may also know singer Alison Mosshart from her other band The Dead Weather, with Jack White.

THE KILLS -"Dropout Boogie" (live, 2002)

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