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ROCK Sex: "Radio Head" - Talking Heads > Tito Lariva > Radiohead

Thom Yorke and David Byrne

"Transmitter, picking up something good/ Hey, Radio Head/ The sound of a brand new world!"
-Talking Heads

ROCK Sex transmits another example of how everyone relays a wavelength.


David Byrne co-wrote and starred in an indie film called TRUE STORIES in 1986. Naturally TALKING HEADS made a soundtrack record, including this song:

TALKING HEADS -"Radio Head" (1986)

The trick was that, in the film, the songs were sung by the actors. "Radio Head" was sung by Tito Lariva, backed up by famed accordianist Esteban "Steve" Jordan and his band.

Tito Lariva had been a pioneer in the Los Angeles Punk scene with his band The Plugz. They're most famous for their cover of "Secret Agent Man" as "Hombre Secreto", and for their Morricone-esque work on the REPO MAN (1984) soundtrack, such as the closer song "Reel Ten". He then fronted The Cruzados with their hit "Motorcycle Girl". And he's been a staple in Robert Rodriguez films as TITO + TARANTULA from the El Mariachi trilogy to the theme for "MACHETE".

TITO LARIVA -"Radio Head" (1986)

An English band named ON A FRIDAY was signed in the early-'90s, but then changed their name to Radiohead based on this song. Here's Thom Yorke signaling his feelings.

RADIOHEAD -"Creep" (1992)

"Baby, you're mind is a radio
Got a reciever inside my head
Baby, I'm tuned to your wavelength
Let me tell you what it says...

The sound of a brand new world"

© Tym Stevens

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