Friday, March 11, 2011

'Bad Reputation': JOAN JETT> PEACHES

After the pig record industry chased out THE RUNAWAYS, they gave guitarist JOAN JETT the runaround for years.

But when her "I Love Rock'n'Roll" became one of the biggest single smashes ever, she had her revenge with this follow-up hit and video.

JOAN JETT -"Bad Reputation" (recorded 1980)

Electroclash provocateur PEACHES took that sentiment to its most blatantly profane conclusion using this sample...

PEACHES -"I Don't Give a F@#*!" (2004)

And then JOAN joined PEACHES for this raucous fracas...

PEACHES with Joan Jett -"You Love It" (2004)

"A girl can do do what she wants to do
And that's what I'm gonna do
And I don't give a damn about my bad reputation!"