Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LADIES FIRST: 'What A Man', Lyndell> Lee> Salt-n-Pepa

Linda Lyndell

Another classic song that 'she did first'.

The original "What A Man" is by Southern soul singer LINDA LYNDELL. It was released by the ever-wonderful Stax Records on their Volt label, and produced by ISAAC HAYES and David Porter, hot off of creating all the hits of SAM & DAVE.

LINDA LYNDELL -"What A Man" (1968)

It was first remade by Atlantic Records' soul great LAURA LEE, most known for "Dirty Man", "Women’s Love Rights", and "Crumbs Off The Table".

LAURA LEE -"What A Man" (1972)

The song reached its biggest fame when adapted by rap dynamos SALT-n-PEPA, backed up perfectly by EN VOGUE at their peak.

SALT-n-PEPA (with En Vogue) -"Whatta Man" (1994)

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