Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ROCK Sex: "Something In The Way" - James Taylor > The Beatles > Nirvana

ROCK Sex wants to tell you about "Something".

Today, how one line inspired three different classic songs.


In 1968, The Beatles created their own record label, Apple Records, to support artists they loved. James Taylor made his first album there and this song was on it:

JAMES TAYLOR - "Something In the Way She Moves" (1968)

George Harrison was sparked by that title line and went his own direction with it. It became the first Beatles #1 not written by John or Paul, and Frank Sinatra called it "the greatest love song ever written".

GEORGE HARRISON And Eric Clapton -"Something" (live, 1991)

PAUL McCARTNEY< RINGO STARR, + Friends -"Something" (live, 2002)

Kurt Cobain found another slant in that phrasing and pursued a different angle with it. The lysergic pacing, cellos, and chorus harmonies are in the spirit of Lennon.

NIRVANA -"Something In The Way" (1991)

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