Saturday, November 3, 2012

ROCK Sex: "25 Miles" - Wilson Pickett > Edwin Starr > The Three Amigos

ROCK Sex has gotta keep on walkin'!

Today, how one great riff leaves footprints through many great tracks.


In this more obscure song, Wilson Pickett paves a rough trail with the funky riff on the verses, but wanders away on the chorus.

WILSON PICKETT -"Mojo Mamma" (1967)

This Reggae cover senses that the real trail was in the verses.

SOUND DIMENSION -"Mojo Rocksteady" (1968)

But it took Edwin Starr to go all the way, making a bold trail out of that verse riff as the whole swing of a new song.

EDWIN STARR -"25 Miles" (1968)

Here's DON VARNER walking in Wilson Pickett's shoes but clearly on Edwin Starr's road.

DON VARNER - "Mojo Mama" (1969)

As a smash hit, the song becomes a standard with paths for interpretation.

LONNIE SMITH -"25 Miles" (1970)

This Rock'n'Soul band renames Edwin Starr's road and broadens it.

THE MOB -"Give It To Me" (1971)

Here comes HipHop to electric boogaloo down Broadway.

COOKIE CREW -"Got To Keep On" (1989)

And not long behind is a Big Beat band who keeps on trucking!

THE THREE AMIGOS -"25 Miles" (2001)

© Tym Stevens

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