Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ROCK Sex: "Slipping Into Darkness!"

ROCK Sex 'takes your mind beyond the dreams'.

Another musical relay race today, where one song changes hands and sounds and names.

Between 1970 and 1977, you couldn't go up against WAR. This formidable Funk troop could take down all comers with their scary chops and continuous hits. Here's the abstractly anti-drug anthem, "Slipping Into Darkness". (Apologies for the weak bass sound in the clip, it couldn't be helped):

WAR -"Slipping Into Darkness" (live, 1972)

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer spliced that riff into their spliff with this classic of their own:

THE WAILERS -"Get Up Stand Up" (1973)

Meanwhile the deluge of covers began. Here's a survey of the different slants everybody brought to the groove. THE 19th WHOLE goes with vibraphones, organ, and peels of acid guitar:

THE 19th WHOLE -"Slipping Into Darkness" (1972)

Ohio grew great Funk like it was grass (Bootsy Collins, Ohio Players, Zapp). Here's THE DAYTON SIDEWINDERS putting some hard kick into the song:

THE DAYTON SIDEWINDERS -"Slipping Into Darkness" (197_)

Now original groover RAMSEY LEWIS sasses some Jazz razzmatazz on it:

RAMSEY LEWIS -"Slipping Into Darkness" (1973)

CARL BRADNEY goes Marley one better by giving it the full-on Reggae treatment:

CARL BRADNEY -"Slipping Into Darkness" (197_)

Later, this song was covered again by dreadheads BLACK UHURU,
and as a departure point by rapper TUPAC.

There's a "War" touring around nowdays, but it's just one guy with a legal name-grab. Instead, go see THE LOW RIDER BAND, which has all the surviving members in great form!

"Where I talk to my brothers who never said their names."

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