Sunday, December 13, 2009

ROCK Sex: "We Can Beat Them, Forever And Ever!" - Question Mark + Mysterians > Redbone > Bowie

ROCK Sex wants to "steal time, just for one day".


Okay, you're going think I'm crazy on this one, but what's new?

File this in the "A + B = C" category.

Combine the surging sway of the rhythm section in this song...

QUESTION MARK And The MYSTERIANS -"96 Tears" (1966)

...with the rhythmic intro riff of this song...

REDBONE -"Come And Get Your Love" (1973)

...and see if you don't hear them in this song: that sing-song sway, and the riff in the guitar figure...

DAVID BOWIE -"Heroes" (1977)

Maybe it's just me.

© Tym Stevens

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