Sunday, February 14, 2010

ROCK Sex: Love and Let Love! -Bessie Smith, Rita Chao, Nancy Sit, Tina Turner

The ROCK Sex Blog says Love and Let Love!


"All You Need Is Love" meant empathy, intimacy, support, selflessness, and spiritual solidarity.

These are the tonics to alienation, segregation, hostility, selfishness, and existential emptiness.

BESSIE SMITH -"You've Got To Give Me Some" (1928)

The expression of love is a sacred act and a spiritual pact.

It may be fleeting, may be only a cherished moment, or perhaps as deep as life is long. But the selfless act of giving of ourselves for another's benefit lifts us into the better angels of our nature. Hate only degrades and destroys. Love nourishes the individual soul and the human species. Without it, we will not survive.

RITA CHAO & The Quests/ NANCY SIT -"Hanky Panky" (1967)

Love is love and Hate ain't; it can't be legislated, leveled, or lynched. Let no one put it asunder.

These are my tributes to love; its stirrings, its courtship, its consumation, its playful dynamics and trusts, its gameplaying, its limitless range.

TINA TURNER -"Whole Lotta Love" (1975)

Love is the antidote to all harm; it is the pulsebeat of the human race.

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