Friday, August 13, 2010

ROCK Sex: 'Kisses So Good I Had To Hollar For Help!'

"You didn't have to squeeze me like you did, but you did, but you did/ and I thank you!"

The original version of "I Thank You" was set loose by the impossibly cool SAM & DAVE. It was written like most of their hits by the secret soul men, Dave Porter and Isaac Hayes.

Here they are teaching Ed Sullivan how to shake his moneymaker...

SAM & DAVE -"I Thank You" (1968)

FM Rock fans know it by the edgy boogie version by these demented prospectors...

ZZ TOP -"I Thank You" (1979)

"Every day was something new,
You pull out your bag and your fine to-do
You got me trying new things too
Just so I can keep up with you!"

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