Thursday, August 26, 2010

'The Same Love That Made Me Laugh Makes Me Cry': Bill Withers> Diana Ross> Sly Stone

We humans are crazy so relationships tend to go up and down with our emotions. BILL WITHERS captures the silly seesaw of our lives with this lesser-known Funk classic.

BILL WITHERS -"The Same Love That Made Me Laugh" (1974)

I always favor DIANA ROSS's funkier, sexier solo songs (e.g., "Love Hangover", "Upside Down"), and here she sways back and forth to Bill's song on the Disco floor.

DIANA ROSS -"The Same Love That Made Me Laugh" (1977)

SLY STONE basically invented the entire 70's Funk sound, and everyone followed in his tread. But he often winked at his peers with nods to their songs. Here's one of his own that bounced off of Bill's song.

This clip is worth it alone just to hear trumpeter Cynthia Robinson scat the opening to Sly's legendary 60's radio show!

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE -"The Same Thing That Makes You Laugh" (1979)

Sly used voice distortion tricks from 1969 on up, and there's another version of this song with a vocoder vocal that paves the way for ZAPP and Roger ("More Bounce To The Ounce") right behind him.

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