Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday To JOHN LENNON!

ROCK Sex says "Love is all you need".


THE QUARRYMEN -"That'll Be The Day" (1958)

THE BEATLES -"Bad Boy" (1965)

THE BEATLES -"Tomorrow Never Knows" (1966)

THE BEATLES -"Julia" (John demo, 1968)

THE BEATLES -"Revolution" (1968)

JOHN LENNON -"Love" (1970)

JOHN LENNON -"Well Well Well" (1970)

YOKO ONO -"Greenfield Morning (I Pushed A Baby Carriage All Over The City") (1970)

JOHN LENNON -"Gimme Some Truth" (1971)

JOHN LENNON -"You Are Here" (1973)

JOHN LENNON -"Meat City" (1973)

JOHN LENNON -"#9 Dream" (1974)

JOHN LENNON -"Steel And Glass" (1974)

JOHN LENNON -"Beautiful Boy" (1980)

CHUCK BERRY + JULIAN LENNON -"Johnny B. Goode" (live, 1986)

JULAN LENNON -"Saltwater" (1991)


JULIAN LENNON -"I Don't Want To Know" (1999)


THE BEATLES -"Free As A Bird" (1995)

JOHN LENNON -"Imagine" (acoustic)

Quality is timeless and Love is eternal.

© Tym Stevens

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