Saturday, October 2, 2010

SAY WHAT?!: "Good Girls Don't", THE KNACK

SAY WHAT?! answers the musical question, "Wait, what did they just say?"


THE KNACK of course are most famous for their massive hit "My Sharona" (1979). The Power Pop band were like a hyper-sexualized early Beatles, and their lyrics were full of entendres and brash come-ons.

A clear example of that is their follow-up hit, "Good Girls Don't". A few of the lines were too strong for radio and were softened on the single release. But here on the original they cheerfully sing, "An in-between age madness that you know you can't erase/ till she's sitting on your face" (1:35).

THE KNACK -"Good Girls Don't" (1979)

Some critics considered their lust misogynistic, but they must have missed the debut album of Nikki And The Corvettes at the same time. But The Pandoras and The Donnas didn't.

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