Friday, June 12, 2009

Cool Lost Grunge: 'Nirvana+Hole'= VERBENA

VERBENA's "Into the Pink" (1999) is the best album that Nirvana and Hole never made.

And you're saying, "Who?" Verbena was a grungy punk trio who combined the best aspects of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love into something that had its own unique strength. Plus, it was produced by Dave Grohl himself!

Despite this rock solid album they fell through the cracks. A 2003 line-up changed the sound so much it sounds like another band, which lost me. But I'm telling you right now...if you love Nirvana and Hole, go find this album...

Verbena - "My Baby Got Shot" (1999)


Here's a little Black Francis/ Kim Deal style action in this haunting song...

Verbena - "Big skies, black rainbows"

Verbena - "​Submissionary"​ (1999)

Frontman Scott Bondy now performs as A.A. Bondy, in an early Dylan travelling troubadour style. There are many live videos on YouTube to try out.

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