Saturday, June 20, 2009

ROCK Sex: "Sweet Dreams" - Squeeze > Eurythmics

ROCK Sex quickies are all about tit for tat.


Pop wizards Squeeze recorded this synth-wave classic, featuring the chorus line "because dreams are made of this":

SQUEEZE -"Take Me, I'm Yours" (1978)

Whereupon Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart were sparked to brilliance uniquely their own:

EURYTHMICS -"Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This" (1983)

"Sweet Dreams" has been covered in various styles by Sylvie Vartan ("D├ęprime"), Marilyn Manson, Yo La Tengo, Nouvelle Vague, Ministry, and Tracy Bonham; and sampled by Blondie, De La Soul, Nas, Tricky, and Faith Evans.

It's become such a cultural touchpoint that Eurythmics referred to it themselves in their reunion song, "17 Again".

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