Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ROCK Sex: The Shangri-Las > The Damned > Joe Jackson

ROCK Sex is about how culture cavorts and entangles.

Here's an example of how a single lyric can pull together unusual bedfellows.

THE SHANGRI-LAS recorded the biker love anthem "Leader of the Pack", which opened with the line "Is she really going out with him?"...

THE SHANGRI-LAS -"Leader Of The Pack" (1965)

Perversely, in the very first recorded British Punk single "New Rose", THE DAMNED opened with a quote of the same line...

THE DAMNED -"New Rose" (1976)

Shortly after, British tunesmith JOE JACKSON turned the phrase into a huge pop hit...

JOE JACKSON -"Is She Really Going Out With Him?" (1979)

"Is she really going out with him?/
"Well, there she is, Let's ask her."

© Tym Stevens

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