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ROCK Sex: "Too Many Creeps" - Bush Tetras > Romeo Void > Sonic Youth

ROCK Sex would 'be warm in your coat'.

Here's another relay race...


Many bands from the early '80s New York scene had varied takes on using funky rhythms with punky guitar, such as Talking Heads, James White And The Contortions, Defunkt, The Bloods, ESG, Liquid Liquid, Material, and Lizzy Mercier Descloux.

BUSH TETRAS kicked out the jams with this rebuke on urban living, propelled by the jarring jang of the deeply undersung guitarist Pat Place and bounding pound of bassist Laura Kennedy:

BUSH TETRAS -"Too Many Creeps" (1980)

Pat's guitar style had a strong impact on San Francisco band ROMEO VOID, who hit the big time with this poison pill, featuring the barbed lyrics of singer Debora Iyall:

ROMEO VOID -"Never Say Never" (1981)

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth was responding to the misogynistic imagery in LL Cool J's "Walk Like a Panther" video with this next classic (featuring a raised fist of support from guest Chuck D of Public Enemy). But SY got their start in that same CBGB's scene of New York, and the "I don't wanna's" and rhythmic dissonance in this song really recall the Bush Tetras' song:

SONIC YOUTH -"Kool Thing" (1990)

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