Thursday, July 9, 2009

ROCK Sex: Rock Revolution = Busted Amp! - Ike Turner > Burnette Trio > The Kinks > The Beatles

ROCK Sex gets caught by the fuzzzzz.

Wanna change the world? Play through a busted amp! Here's a pervasive problem that became a brilliant revolution.


In 1951 Ike Turner and his band made what is arguably the first Rock'n'Roll song, releasing it under singer JACKIE BRENSTON's name. It is a retooling of Jimmie Liggens' "Cadillac Boogie" (1947) but rowdier and revved up. The extra edge came from a fuzzed-out amp that had been broken in transit. Voila, Rock'n'Roll!


Paul Burlison's amp was damaged before the recording of The JOHNNY BURNETTE TRIO's studio session, and more sonic revolution ensued:

THE JOHNNY BURNETTE TRIO -"The Train Kept A-Rollin'" (1956)

Dave Davies of The Kinks took a knife to his amp to get the distorted snarl he'd discovered. But he went too far and was thrown across the room by an electric shock!
(Legal Disclaimer: ROCK Sex says, "Don't try this, kids."):

THE KINKS -"You Really Got Me" (1964)

John Lennon used a busted amp to get the raw distortion for "Revolution", even singing on his back on the studio floor shouting at the mike to get the extra edge in the vocals:

THE BEATLES -"Revolution" (1968)

Have fuzz, will frazzle!

© Tym Stevens

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