Monday, July 27, 2009

ROCK Sex: Elvis Presley> Dean Carter

ROCK Sex wants to stick around awhile and get its kicks!

ELVIS PRESLEY swaggered one of the best rock anthems and dance sequences in pop history with the title theme for his film "Jailhouse Rock". It was written by the legendary duo of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, and Mike can be seen tinkling the keys in the film scene:


DEAN CARTER is one of those criminally overlooked greats who deserved far more success than he got. Throughout the 60's he recorded mayhem in his home studio that perfectly bridged Rockabilly into Garage rock. His frenzied take on "Jailhouse Rock" features the most manic psychedelic dobro solo of all time and a 13-year-old girl playing the clarinet like Morse code!:


Rockabilly and Garage fans owe it to themselves to check out the Dean Carter retrospective CD, "Call of the Wild". And also the compilation of his crazed bandmates and studio productions, "The Midnite Sound of the Milky Way".

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