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ROCK Sex: "That'll Be The Day" - John Wayne > Buddy Holly > The Beatles > David Essex

ROCK Sex says seize the day.

Today, "That'll Be The Day" has its day!


In the classic Western THE SEARCHERS (1956), John Wayne snarls the disgusted phrase, "That'll be the day."

Here's a trailer for the film. The narration is unintentionally comical as it portrays Wayne as Manifest Destiny on legs with hard nationalistic zeal. In truth, this film undermines that '50s jingoism by showing Wayne as an obsessive zealot who might kill his own daughter out of bigotry, and the tension of the film lies in whether he will.

THE SEARCHERS trailer, (1956)

THE SEARCHERS had a huge effect on young filmgoers who went on to become major filmmakers, like Spielberg, Lucas, and Scorsese.

Out in Texas Buddy Holly was taken by that phrase and made one of the best Rock'n'Roll songs ever with his band.

BUDDY HOLLY -"That'll Be The Day" (1957)

Local Lads Make Good:
George Harrison, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney

Over in Liverpool, this became the first song ever recorded by a local combo called THE QUARRYMEN. They had some other great songs afterward and are remembered fondly by many.

THE QUARRYMEN -"That'll Be The Day" (demo, 1958)

The Western film also gave the name to the British Invasion band The Searchers. Here's a lesser-known single with a great touch of fuzz to it. Why does this relate really? Because the original song was recorded by The Hollies who, you guessed it, got their name from Buddy Holly.

(See, everything is connected. By the way, I'm your third cousin. How about a fiver?)

THE SEARCHERS -"Have You Ever Loved Somebody?" (1966)

Bringing it full circle, Buddy's song title inspired a film about the 1950's Rock scene in England. Spurred by the success of AMERICAN GRAFITTI and the debt of Glam Rock to classic Rock'n'Roll, the film stars Ringo Starr (a later drummer for The Quarrymen) and David Essex.

THAT'LL BE THE DAY scene (1973)

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