Saturday, September 8, 2012

ROCK Sex: 'Chase the Devil Out of Earth!': Max Romeo > The Prodigy

"I'm gonna put on an iron shirt
And chase the Devil out of Earth

I'm gonna send him to out of space
To find another race."

This musical relay from Reggae to Electronica starts with Max Romeo.

MAX ROMEO -"I Chase the Devil" (1976)

After Lee Perry produced that song, he remade it as "Croaking Lizard", and then a remix of the two called "Disco Devil".

LEE PERRY -"Disco Devil" (1976)

The song has been covered or sampled by a couple dozen acts since then>, easily segueing from Dub Reggae to dub-heavy dance styles like Electronica and Trance.

THE PRODIGY -"Out of Space" (1992)

SKAZI -"Out of Space" (2006)

Here's a lovely French pop version...

COCOON -"I Chase the Devil" (2009)

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