Monday, September 10, 2012

ROCK Sex: "Hey Bulldog" - The Beatles > Fanny > Ween > Shonen Knife

ROCK Sex knows some kind of happiness is measured out in (s)miles.

Todays cultural hand-off is "Hey Bulldog".


No one understands
Jack knife
In your sweaty hands"

Lennon and McCartney go stark barking mad!

Howls, piano-banging, and polyphonic bass ensues.

THE BEATLES -"Hey Bulldog" (1968)

Listen for its direct influence on this song by Jeff Lynne's group.

THE IDLE RACE -"Alcatraz" (1971)

The ever-great Fanny do a fine take in Apple Studios, while throwing in a new verse of their own.

Drummer Alice de Buhr says that Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick "used the same overhead microphone set-up that he'd used for Ringo Starr" on the original.

FANNY -"Hey Bulldog" (1972)

It inspired the rhythm of this House club track.

BLACK BOX -"Hold On" (1992)

From betwixt and between comes Ween.

WEEN -"Hey Bulldog" (live)

And 'the Osaka Ramones' slice out another mirror universe take on it.

SHONEN KNIFE -"Magic Joe" (1997)

Here's a Turntablist mash-up with Parliament's "Mr. Wiggles" and some Sly from "Sing A Simple Song".

DJ FRANE -"I Can Do My Thing" (1997)

© Tym Stevens

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