Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ROCK Sex: "Last Child" - The Meters > Aerosmith > Rufus Thomas > Wu-Tang

ROCK Sex is 'just a punk in the streets'.

Creative culture is relay and response.


Creativity is an ongoing jam.

Hand it to next, see what they bring to it.

The Meters specialized in Cajun gumbo Funk with a tough strut on it.

THE METERS -"Fire On the Bayou" (1975)

After listening to The Meters, guitarist Brad Whitford of Aerosmith was inspired with the riff for their song, "Last Child".

(Since Brad was responding to the general spirit of the band's sound, I picked "Fire On the Bayou" as a stylistic parallel.)

AEROSMITH -"Last Child" (1976)

Stax Records' king of dance tunes, Rufus Thomas, emphasized the Funk slant of the Aerosmith song in his own.

RUFUS THOMAS -"Fried Chicken" (1978)

And Wu-Tang sampled Rufus Thomas.

WU-TANG CLAN -"Put the Hammer Down" (1998)

Everyone puts their own angle on something, and it's all valid.

© Tym Stevens

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