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ROCK Sex: "Lady Madonna" - Fats Domino > The Beatles > Fats Domino / + More!

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Today, the parents and children of "Lady Madonna".


The Beatles' "Lady Madonna" is often said to be influenced by the specific sound and intro of this '50s song.

HUMPHREY LYTTELTON & And His Band -"Bad Penny Blues" (1956)

The sound resemblance is there, but in a wider context, the boogie piano sound had been there for four decades.

Jimmy Blythe's "Chicago Stomp" (1924) is considered the first full Boobie-Woogie piano recording. In that legacy came other greats like Big Joe Turner & Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, and Hadda Brooks.

From the 1920s to the '50s, Boogie Woogie strolled its way from Jazz to Country to Rock'n'Roll music, where it propelled artists like Fats Domino.

FATS DOMINO -"I'm Walkin'" (1957)

Paul McCartney says he was specifically homaging Fats Domino with his song.

THE BEATLES -"Lady Madonna" (1968)

So how great is it when your hero then sings your song?

FATS DOMINO -"Lady Madonna" (1968)

Other songs inspired by this tradition (and quite possibly by "Lady Madonna") include:

STEVE MILLER BAND -"Space Cowboy" (1968)

THE MOVE -"When Alice Comes Back to the Farm" (1970)

REDBONE -"Tennessee Girl" (1970)

SUBLIME -"What I Got (Instrumental)" (1996)

BILLY BRAGG And WILCO -"Hoodoo Hoodoo" (1998)

PAUL McCARTNEY -"Fine Line" (2005)

ROBBERS ON HIGH STREET -"Bring On The Terrors" (2005)

COTTON MATHER -"Waters Raging" (2016)

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