Thursday, October 4, 2012

JAZZ Sex: 'How High the Moon': Les & Mary> Sarah> Bird> Miles> Trane

"HOW HIGH THE MOON" came from a Broadway revue called "Two For the Show" (1940) and quickly became a standard.

One of the greatest versions was by LES PAUL and MARY FORD. The sonic wizards multi-tracked their angel chorals and electronic tones in a way that sounded otherworldy to 1950's radio audiences.

Paul's quicksilver and fierce leads influenced all the Jazz and Rock'n'Roll that would follow.

LES PAUL and MARY FORD -"How High the Moon" (1951)

Ella Fitzgerald did the song many times, and here SARAH VAUGHAN does a fun homage to Ella's adventurous scatting.

SARAH VAUGHAN -"How High the Moon" (live, 1957)

Bebop pioneers often played the standards straight at dancehalls, and free-associated radically off of their chord structures in bebop nightclubs.

New songs rose out of "How High the Moon" like these varied classics.

CHARLIE PARKER -"Ornithology" (1946)

MILES DAVIS -"Solar" (1954)

JOHN COLTRANE -"Satellite" (1960)

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