Friday, October 19, 2012

ROCK Sex: 'Early In the Morning': Louis Jordan> Elmore James> Emitt Rhodes> Nilsson> Gap Band

Well, if you've gotta face the new day, you might as well sing!

Here's varied songs with the same theme.

Blues lament by the great SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON.

SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON -"Early In the Morning" (1937)
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A different song, swaying between Barrelhouse and Mambo, by the devious LOUIS JORDAN.

LOUIS JORDAN -"Early In the Morning" (1947)

Fierce guitar workout of the Sonny Boy Williamson song by Rock pioneer ELMORE JAMES.

ELMORE JAMES -"Early In the Morning" (1953)

A Gospel-soaked Pop original by BOBBY DARIN, that had to compete with Buddy Holly's cover version!

BOBBY DARIN -"Early In the Morning" (1957)

A pretty folk ode.

PETER, PAUL, and MARY -"Early In the Morning" (1962)

Perfect Pop by Emitt Rhodes and company.

THE MERRY GO ROUND -"Early In the Morning" (1968)
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A Baroque Pop hit.

VANITY FARE -"Early In the Morning" (1969)

An ethereal cover of the Louis Jordan song by the One-Man-Beatles.

HARRY NILSSON -"Early In the Morning" (1971)

Electro Funk by the mighty dance masters, with Blues licks.

THE GAP BAND -"Early In the Morning" (1982)

A fiery Garage Punk cover of Sonny Boy Williamson's song.

THE GORIES -"Early In the Morning" (1990)

A song as bright as a new day should be.

JAMES VINCENT McMORROW -"Early In the Morning, I'll Come Calling"" (2010)

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