Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ROCK Sex: 'Love Is the Drug': Roxy Music> Chic> Grace Jones> Duran Duran

in the mid-70's, ROXY MUSIC began intersecting their Art Rock with Funk, through Bryan Ferry's love of Soul music.

The quintessential "Love Is the Drug" was the game-changer.

ROXY MUSIC -"Love Is the Drug" (1975)

Nigel Rogers loved the tight terse bass sound so much that it inspired this classic by CHIC.

CHIC -"Good Times" (1979)

(Many other songs were then catapulted by this song.)

The combination of angular pop with martial disco influenced PostPunk, Mutant Disco, and New Wave bands to follow.

In the nexus of Reggae Dub, Disco, and New Wave was GRACE JONES with her cover version.

GRACE JONES -"Love Is the Drug" (1980)

And if you combine the two songs by Roxy Music and Chic, you have the template for DURAN DURAN.

DURAN DURAN -"Planet Earth" (1981)

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