Monday, October 8, 2012

ROCK SEX: 'Too Many People!': The Hollies> The Leaves> McCartney> Pet Shop Boys

Same title, different songs!

British Invasion!

THE HOLLIES -"Too Many People" (1965)

(There's also a Manfred Mann song somewhere.)

Garage Rock!

THE LEAVES -"Too Many People" (1965)

Garage Rock!

LITTLE JOHN & THE MONKS -"Too Many People" (1965)
iTunes preview

Boogie Rock!

PAUL & LINDA McCARTNEY -"Too Many People" (1971)

(Paul is playing all the music.)

Gospel Soul!

REVELATION -"Just Too Many People" (1975)

(Remade by Melissa Manchester.)

Glam Metal!

VARDIS -"Too Many People" (1983)

Alt Pop!

PET SHOP BOYS -"Too Many People" (1993)

Recently Wet Wet Wet had a big Soul Pop hit with the same title.

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