Monday, October 8, 2012

ROCK SEX: "Too Many People!" - The Hollies > The Leaves > Paul McCartney > Pet Shop Boys

ROCK Sex brings you another round robin of 'Same title, different songs'!

Too many people in you space? Too many people in your face? Too many songs trying to keep pace.


British Invasion!

THE HOLLIES -"Too Many People" (1965)

(Strong Brian Wilson influence on this next one.)

MANFRED MANN -"Too Many People" (1968)

RONNIE BURNS -"Too Many People" (1966)

(Ronnie is actually Australian.)

Garage Rock!

THE LEAVES -"Too Many People" (1966)

LITTLE JOHN & THE MONKS -"Too Many People" (1965)


COLD BLOOD -"Too Many People" (1970)

(Remade by Kindred.)

Boogie Rock!

PAUL & LINDA McCARTNEY -"Too Many People" (1971)

(Paul is playing all the music.)

Gospel Soul!

REVELATION -"Just Too Many People" (1975)

(Remade by Melissa Manchester.)

Alt Pop!

PET SHOP BOYS -"Too Many People" (1993)


THE BAD SPORTS -"Too Many People" (2011)


PRINCESS CHELSEA -"Too Many People" (2015)

There are also songs by Bobby Goldsboro, Graham Bell, Soma Holiday, Wet Wet Wet, and The Moaners.

© Tym Stevens

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