Thursday, January 14, 2010

BEYOND COOL: The Love Me Nots!

BEYOND COOL is about things I love, like celebrating this brilliant band.


The Love Me Nots are a modern Garage Rock band from Phoenix, Arizona.

If you don't know, it's time to get with it, baby!

THE LOVE ME NOTS -"Move In Tight" (2007)

After a rhythm section shift, singer/oraganist Nicole Laurenne and guitaristb Michael Johnny Walker blazed on without a blip to hotwire your car for more torrid road trips!

THE LOVE ME NOTS -"You're Really Something" (2008)

They will come to your town and burn it down. And you'll be an accomplice.

THE LOVE ME NOTS -"You're Bringing Me Down" (2010)

Show THE LOVE ME NOTS some love:

Buy "Detroit" here

Buy "Upsidedown Insideout" here

"Atomic....Furious...Upsidedown Insideout raises the bar, with twelve catchy, immediately-classic songs that all sound like potential hit singles."
- Rolling Stone

"This Phoenix outfit turns a geeky garage schtick into white heat."

"FOUR STARS. One of the more exciting rock acts of the moment. DETROIT is Stunningly feverish. Disc of the month."
- Rolling Stone

"Top 10 Albums of 2008. DETROIT will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck."
- Bill Holmes, The Village Voice

"If the gospel according to The Love Me Nots is 'give em what they want,' then this is it. Brilliant."
- BBC Radio

"Enough full-throated, '60s soul, Mosrite fuzz, hip-shaking, back-alley stomp to rock the door off the garage."
- San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Atomic guitar licks that make your legs shiver."
- Kick Out The Jams (Spain)

"This band is on fire. Led by punk pin-up Nicole, a great garage party that would make neighbors seriously consider moving."
- Garage Greaser (Brazil)

So act like you know and let's go go go!

© Tym Stevens

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