Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LADIES FIRST: "Love's Gone Bad!" - Chris Clark > The Underdogs

Ladies First = She Did It First

LADIES FIRST says you can't "live life without love".


Chris Clark cut a startling figure at Motown Records, a six-foot blond goddess belting out Soul songs like "Love's Gone Bad".

Despite the stewardship of friend Berry Gordy, this fantastic song wasn't the hit it should have been. Later Chris was nominated for an Acedemy Award for co-writing the Billie Holiday biopic LADY SINGS THE BLUES (1972). She then became a Vice President in Motown's film division. She's now a photographer and sings better than ever.

CHRIS CLARK -"Love's Gone Bad" (1966)

The Underdogs, a Rock act on Motown, hit the big time with their classic "Time Won't Let Me". But as all NUGGETS Box Set and Garage Rock fans know, they also knocked out a mean cover of Chris' song.

THE UNDERDOGS -"Love's Gone Bad" (1967)

The song has also been covered by The Jackson 5, Cadillac Kidz, The Seatbelts, The Trypt Up, and 45 Spider.

"I see a rainbow all in black
Must be a sign that you ain't comin' back
Heart feels sad 'cause love's gone bad"

© Tym Stevens

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