Saturday, January 30, 2010

ROCK Sex: Jacqueline Taieb, French Garage Grrrl!

ROCK Sex tells you what time it is.

Yesterday I mentioned JACQUELINE TAIEB, so let's get more hip to that trip.

Jacqueline Taieb was born in Tunisia but raised in France. As a very young teen in the mid 60's, she recorded singles during the ultra-cool YeYe scene. Her biggest hit was "7 Hueres du Matin" which she also recorded in English as "7:00 AM". Garage Rock fans enjoy her because of the edgy use of guitar on this song and her hip cultural references to Paul McCartney, Elvis, Little Richard, and The Who.

Here's a tribute I made homaging her, as well as Mod clothing designer Mary Quant and the Swinging London era.

JACQUELINE TAIEB -"7:00 AM" (1966)

And here is the alternate version in French.

Recently MAREVA GALANTER gave her own tribute with this great cover:

MAREVA GALANTER -"7 Hueres du Matin" (2006)

40 years later, Jacqueline returned to record a cool sequel called "7h du Soir", with a Dutch Garage band backing her.

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