Friday, January 8, 2010

LADIES FIRST: "Out In the Streets" - The Shangri-Las > Blondie

Ladies First = She Did It First

LADIES FIRST knows that "he don't hang around with the gang no more".


The original "Out In the Streets" was by the great Shangri-Las, whose middle ground between uptown girl and biker girl made this song a perfect choice, and set the stage for acts like The New York Dolls, Suzi Quatro, and The Runaways after them.

The lead vocal is by the thespianic Mary Wiess, and the moody production by Shadow Morton.

THE SHANGRI-LAS -"Out In the Streets" (1965)

Blondie let its mid-'60s roots show constantly, with their retro Mod clothes, "With The Beatles"-style album covers, and Girl Group harmonies. One of the first things they ever recorded was a demo of this song.

BLONDIE -"Out In the Streets" (1976)

"He grew up on the sidewalk
Streetlight shinin' above
He grew up with no one to love"

© Tym Stevens

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