Friday, January 15, 2010

LADIES FIRST: "I'll Keep On Holding On!" - The Marvelettes > The Action

LADIES FIRST spotlights another classic that 'she did first'.


Today's song is the Motown classic, "I'll Keep On Holding On".

Written by the prolific pens of stalwart writers Mickey Stevenson and Ivy Jo Hunter, The Marvelettes broke back into the charts with this hip-swaying hit. Wanda Young (later Wanda Rogers) swaggers the lead vocal:

THE MARVELETTES -"I'll Keep On Holding On" (1965)

The Mod scene in Swinging London of course adored Motown, Stax, and all directions Soul, so The Action did their equally-loved take on it.

(Fans of the NUGGETS II Box Set will recognize it along with their own "Shadows and Reflections".)

THE ACTION -"I'll Keep On Holding On" (1966)

© Tym Stevens

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