Friday, January 1, 2010

LADIES FIRST: "You Do Something Strange To Me, Baby"

LADIES FIRST just can't let it go.

Another great song from the "she did it first" file. Brooklyn's Soul dynamo EVIE SANDS belted out this killer single in '66, with its propulsive rhythms, catchy back-ups, and full-tilt vocal:

EVIE SANDS -"I Can't Let Go" (1966)

Unfortunately, because of bad luck with label issues, it didn't get the promotion it deserved and missed the charts. This was terrible luck for Sands, but worked in favor of THE HOLLIES, whose cover version reached #2 in the UK:

THE HOLLIES -"I Can't Let Go" (1966)

Later, LINDA RONSTADT did another tribute to her roots with this swaggering cover:

LINDA RONSTADT -"I Can't Let Go" (1980)

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