Sunday, January 3, 2010

LADIES FIRST: "Go Now" - Bessie Banks > Moody Blues > McCartney >Simply Red

Ladies First = She Did It First

LADIES FIRST doesn't 'want to see you go'.


Another classic from the "she did it first" file.

Soul singer Bessie Banks recorded the original "Go Now", written by her husband and produced by the esteemed Lieber And Stoller:

BESSIE BANKS -"Go Now" (1964)

Singer Denny Laine fronted The Moody Blues' hit version of the tune, showcased in this groundbreaking video.

THE MOODY BLUES -"Go Now" (1964)

Later, as a cohort with Paul McCartney, Denny performed it again on their huge 1976 world tour.

WINGS -"Go Now" (1976)

Later it was been rethought in a more upbeat PopSoul style.

SIMPLY RED -"Go Now" (2008)

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